What's The Deal With Dental Crowns

While watching a war movie last night, there was a grisly scene where Americans were pulling the gold teeth of their Japanese counterparts. Understandably, this was war and some tenets of decency do not apply. But this did not strike me much, what did surprise me was the fact there were many Japanese with gold dental crowns. A windfall for American soldiers.

Then, after that show, I watched a little bit of old school boxing. It was an old fight between "Iron" Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. When Iron Mike smiled, his teeth mouth was a glittering pot of gold. Most of his teeth were capped with gold dental crowns as well.

Where am I headed with this tirade? Well, I began to ask myself, when does one need dental crowns? I know it's weird, a night of TV watching and all I could think of was the whys of dental crowns. So I did a little poking around and found out what pushes people to cap their teeth.

It's a combination of aesthetics and necessity. Apparently, having your teeth caped in gold signifies a sign of success. Though not as widespread in our culture, the belief is that the more gold you have in your teeth, the more successful you are in life. The other end of the spectrum is necessity. If your teeth has been chipped, whether small or in half, or if you are missing a few teeth, you can cap your teeth to make it look and function as normal. Though in these cases, gold caps are not as common. Good thing there are porcelain and natural looking caps to make other people none the wiser whenever you smile.

So when should one consider dental crowns? When even if you are the most diligent in practicing dental oral hygiene, your teeth gets damaged, you should consider getting them capped to make them visually appealing, and to make them function as whole again.

If you are from the Melbourne area and looking to find a skilled dentist capable of putting dental crowns on your teeth. You could find one of the more respected dentists in Melbourne and you can be sure you will be well taken care of, no matter what dental emergency you might have.

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