What To Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth. We all know what it is ever since we were kids. Personally, I learned about it way before the last of my milk teeth fell out. This is probably because I often hear adults complaining about their wisdom teeth and how they need to have it removed right away.

Which also made us aware of the pain wisdom teeth causes. So now, if you have had your wisdom teeth removed, or if you are planning to get wisdom teeth removal, maybe you are a bit curious as to why the need to remove them at all? Mind you, what I will be talking about here is partly based on fact, and partly based on old wives tales.

Wisdom teeth are naturally occurring. However, they grow only when we reach adult hood (hence the wisdom moniker). If it occurs naturally, how come it causes so much pain? Well, you have evolution to thank. You see, evolution has made us humans sleeker. We walk more upright, our bodies are less hairy, and our mouths are not as huge as it once was. What's that you say? Our mouths were huge? (And you thought your daily oral hygiene was too much a hassle). Before utensils, man had to chew off large chunks of meat of Mastodon bones, so our teeth had to be huge. But over the course of millions of years, man started cutting their food into more manageable sizes. This made our mouths evolve into something smaller. Probably to save on physical real estate and energy. However, though our mouths started to evolve, no one told our teeth. So up til now, our wisdom teeth keep growing, even if our mouths have no space left for them.

And this is why it causes us pain.

Because when our wisdom teeth start growing without space to settle in, their tendency now is to push our existing teeth. Which of course is a painful experience. And sorry to say to these hard headed molars, we also have no need for them. Hence, the need to remove them.

If you are in the area, you can look for a great dental team from Windsor that could help you with your wisdom teeth removal problem. It's always a safe bet to consult with this dentist with whatever dental problem or quandary you have.

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